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Laser Cutting

Capabilities few can match.

Four TRUMPF laser cutting systems offer you power to 5 kW, processing 1" mild steel, ¾" stainless and 5/8" aluminum within a 60" x 120" working range incorporating automated load/unload and unattended operation.

To further remove cost, your parts can be rotated or placed in any direction optimizing material utilization and machine efficiency.

Whatever your needs may be, Sabina has the capability to laser cut parts to your exacting specifications.

Robotic Welding

Strength, fit, and finish guaranteed perfect.

From start to finish, if it's accuracy, consistency and quality you want in meeting your welded part specifications, Sabina is your solution.

When your projects require MIG/TIG welders certified to AWS D1.1 standards or ROBOTIC welding, Sabina's fixturing expertise and process controls ensure consistency from the first to last weldment.

Contact us today to discuss your welded parts projects and how you too can eliminate the risk of weldment failure.

CNC Punching

Minimizing tooling and production costs.

With the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees to punch, cut, form, mark or tap your parts, Sabina's state of the art CNC Punching cell has a 50" x 100" working range (without repositioning) and can automatically load/unload up to .25" x 48" x 96" sheet sizes without operator intervention.

Additionally, by using standard sheet sizes, your parts can be nested to optimize material utilization, machine efficiency and production cost. When you combine high efficiency equipment and operational know-how with tooling capacities ranging from 19 to 190 tools, it's easy to understand why Sabina is positioned to meet your most demanding prototype to high production run part requirements.


Forming options that cut cost.

From components that require one bend to those that demand complex multiple bends, Sabina's 6 axis - CNC controlled - back gauged - 250 ton press brake cell can flawlessly form your parts to their exact drawing specifications.

For any type of forming and metal bending you require including V-bending, Radius-bending, Acute-bending, Hem-bending, Offset-bending or Emboss-bending, from light or heavy gauge material, you can count on Sabina to deliver.

Call today and learn why electronically storing your part bending sequences and special processes produce outcomes that save you time and money.

Metal Stamping

Single hit to progressive.

Using both manual feed and coil feed lines Sabina offers stamping processes that can satisfy your high volume sheet metal part requirements.

Ten stamping presses ranging from 32 tons to 150 tons are used in conjunction with special universal units, holders and fixtures to manufacture your custom metal stampings. Parts of any shape can be blanked, pierced, formed, stenciled, drawn and extruded using Sabina's special stamping methodologies.

Next time your metal stamper comes up a bit short contact Sabina to discuss your needs.


Machined, tapped, countersunk, counter bored, turned, or reamed parts.

With features like dual automated pallet changers, unattended operation and other high-productivity options, Sabina's Haas vertical machining center can accurately machine your toughest jobs in less time for a lower cost.

At Sabina, we have the machining capabilities to produce parts to your drawing requirements.

Reduce your machined part costs by contacting Sabina today.

Painting / Plating

Finishes that set you apart.

Nothing illustrates attention to detail more than your product's finish. If you rely on your contractor to provide powder coating, painting, plating, heat treating or any other type of finish, you can trust Sabina to deliver these value added processes.

Whatever finish you require, Sabina can help you and your products look their best. Contact us today.

Assembly & Kitting

Programs designed to maximize your production strategies.

From JIT programs that provide your in-house assembly team with kitted components in reusable containers to full assemblies drop shipped to your customers, Sabina offers a wide range of assembly options structured to help you more easily meet corporate objectives.

Regardless of what your assembly needs may be, Sabina has the experience and the desire to help you succeed.

Contact us to discuss your assembly needs and options that are just right for you.


From design through production

As part of our ongoing commitment to you the customer, from consulting on design for manufacturability to modifying production equipment and systems for peak efficiencies, Sabina engineers continually research ways to reduce cost and improve your bottom line.

From project inception to final delivery, you'll enjoy a collaborative engineering relationship suited to your specific needs. Initiating and maintaining a close working partnership delivers done right the first time outcomes that save you time and money.

Experience the difference quality engineering support can make. Contact us to create a plan guaranteed to meet your needs.